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MamaDoo kids = Happy Parents

A must buy product- Oreo. Absolutely love this product! I am so lucky I found it. The Oreo colors are wonderful.. it is currently in our living room being used as a bassinet for our 2 month old baby's naps. However, we will be using it in the pack n play until baby is 3 years old. It is so plush and well made not to mention convenient. Has a carrying handle for vacations, grandmas house and can be used as a toddler bench eventually. It has extended the use of our pack n play and eliminated the need for a second crib!

– Meena, California

My sister reports that my nephew loves his new mattress and is sleeping more soundly. Thank you so much for making such wonderful products! I like to let companies that are doing right by consumers know that they are doing a good job by us. I can’t believe that mattress companies are still putting so much “mystery junk” in baby mattresses. At least get the babies off to a good start. They will be exposed to the poisons of the world soon enough. Sad, but true. Keep up the good work!

– Shannon, North Carolina

Our MamaDoo mattress has made all the difference when traveling. It has given the whole family a great night of sleep. I love that it is made of safe materials for my daughter and that I can pack it in a suit case when traveling. I’ve recommend it to all my friends.

– Sarah, Maine

Your mattress and sheets are amazing. I have them in the vehicle at all times. Second greatest thing about the sheet is it doubles great as additional canopy on a stroller when pulled over the existing canopy and finding something plastic to stretch the elastic around on each side of the stroller. Was a life saver at our county fair for my daughter. Thanks!

– Alissa, Wisconsin

I love the mattress topper and have told many people about it as my daughter wouldn’t sleep in her playard without it (and we travel once a month). I looked high and low for a case to cover the mattress pad and was happy to see that you now have one. I just placed my order for a second one and I thank you again for the extra travel bag.

– Janett, Florida

It all starts with the miserable nights. Babies and toddlers are put to sleep at night in a play yard. Either at home or during travel. And then their parents just cross their fingers and hope for the best. But these nights become nightmares. Why? Because (surprise!) babies and toddlers can comfortably sleep on a hard-board mattress as much as any adult can. Full review

– Mom Blog Society

You will not be able to use your Pack n Play without this. Simple as that. Period. End of story. The Pack n Play comes with a flat board made of wood for a mattress, and unless your baby or child truly has no problem sleeping on a plank of wood, you will not be using this for resting. The MamaDoo mattress is soft yet firm, and it fits to the very edges of your Pack n Play, leaving no scary room for baby to have trouble breathing. With this mattress, our first child used the Pack n Play for all travel sleep until he was 2!!!!! And now baby is happily using it for his full-time sleep, so its going to last you a lifetime. We bought these sheets which are organic and fit perfectly. Done and done. Full review

– Regan, Tiniest Socks

After collecting all the “must-have” baby items with my first three kids, I didn’t think there was anything left that I needed for baby #4. Boy, was I wrong! The new Smart Play Yard Mattress Topper from MamaDoo Kids is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” and “How have I lived without it?” baby items. Full review

– Rebecca, Or So She Says…

The firm, versatile MamaDoo Kids Smart Play Yard Mattress Topper is the ultimate sleeping pad. With more than five uses, try turning a play yard into a crib, or use it on the go as a changing table or portable pad for playing at grandma’s. Full review

– Abby Tegnelia, Celebrity Baby Trends

The Center for Environmental Health surveyed leading baby product manufacturers on their use of flame retardant chemicals in their products and created a Parent and Family Guide to Flame-Retardants in Baby Products. MamaDoo Kids tops the list of flame retardant free products. Full review

– Center for Environmental Health, California & New York

Most parents don’t realize that play yards are not comfortable for babies and kids. After all they are basically laying on a wood board with some padding that is being supported by metal bars. Would you want to sleep, play or lay on that? I sure as heck wouldn’t. That is why MamaDoo Kids created the folding play yard mattress. Full review

– Theresa, Mommy and Baby Reviews, New York

This mattress topper is such an improvement over the blanket we had in there. It is firm yet cushy and comfy. I love that it fits exactly. Since it is foldable I can see it having many uses. It will be easy to take with us on vacation. It would be perfect to lay on the floor as a bed if we are unable to bring the pack and play. When it’s folded up it would make a good toddler bench. You can use it as a changing pad. Full review

– Stefanie,, Missouri

Happy Grandma: My daughter has one and brings it over with my grandson, and we have really enjoyed having it. Thought it was time to get my own and love the sheets… we thought the play pen would do fine with out one to you get a good look at how hard it is and you really do need something and this pad has done wonders for how my grandson sleeps. When he is at our house we can remove it and he can just take a nap on it anywhere… This will last us for years to come… thank you

– Janice, Texas

I love love love our MamaDoo mattress. Motasim sleeps full time in a play yard because we have limited space, and a full size crib wouldn’t fit in our small apartment, and I was feeling guilty about the card board mattress that comes with standard play yards. I happened upon your website, and my mom got me the mattress topper and one sheet for Christmas. Motasim has been sleeping on it since coming home from the hospital the beginning of February, and he’s been a really good sleeper since day one. I know that having a comfy bed has made a huge difference. We even took it along on a road trip last month. Thanks again for making such a fabulous and worthwhile product! I have told all my friends about your company and its products!

– Amanda, Georgia

MamaDoo Kids has designed the perfect product for people like me… people who think our kids should get a comfortable night’s rest on a nice mattress. I’m in love with the mattress topper. It folds down into something that is very easy to travel with, and is designed to fit snugly into all standard sized play yards. Full review

– Jenni Buckley,, Colorado

It’s perfect for traveling with kids! To tell you the truth, I had often felt bad for my kiddos when they had to sleep in a pack & play because of the hard pad that the manufacturers include. It wasn’t fair for my wife and I to have a nice soft hotel bed, and then subject my kids to a hard cardboard mattress. Full review

– Josh Farnsworth,, Virginia

I just wanted to contact you about the mattress topper I ordered from you 2 months ago. We love your product! We have used it in the play yard for vacations, day trips, a changing station in the back of my 4Runner, a play mat, etc. This thing has been everywhere with our family in the last 2 months. We may even buy an extra one for her to keep at nursery school as a napping mat. I love that the whole thing is washable, foldable, portable, comfortable, that I am buying from a US company and most importantly, our daughter is happy with it. I have gladly passed your name along to friends who are looking for the same thing after seeing mine or hearing about it. So many people find it easy to complain but don’t remember to say thanks when the product is terrific. So, thank you for making such and exceptional product, and for doing it here in the US. Keep up the good work! I will continue to pass your product info and website information along.

– Sarah, Massachusetts

I absolutely love the MamaDoo. We use it everyday and it keeps my baby off the hard floor. I love that I don’t have to worry about baby hitting his head when he is doing tummy time. Thank you for making this right! I have recommended this product to several people. It is a great product and provides excellent and safe support for baby and I am sure we will use it for years to come.

– Jill, Florida

Have you ever wondered how comfortable your kid’s portable crib mattress is? I suspect the answer is, “not very.”…Priced at $69.99, I’d say this is a good deal. It seems to have multiple uses, and current users seem to be happy with the product. I think this would be an awesome gift as many babies go from sleeping in a bassinet to sleeping in a pack-and-play next to mom and dad’s bed in those first few months… Full review

– Stacy,, New York

Baby girl slept through the night every night on vacation (12-13 hours)! Before using the MamaDoo Kids mattress, she wouldn’t even take a good nap in her pack n’ play. Thank you! :) Totally worth it to get this accessory.

– Sarah, Ohio

Just letting you know that I got the product today and it fits the pack n play perfectly, I am so pleased. Congratulations on a great product and great customer service. Thank you, I am sure my Grandson will sleep comfortably when we travel to his Great Grandma’s 90th birthday celebration in July—Hooray!

– Vivian, Missouri

I just wanted to say how much I love your mattress. We’re visiting family out of state this summer and the mattress is working great! I’m able to stuff it in my suitcase for flights, and my daughter sleeps great on it in her Pack N Play, it fits great. I’ve just ordered one of your sheets for our next trip. Thanks for making these products, you’ve made traveling with our baby a LOT easier!

– Julie, Oklahoma

Got my MamaDoo Kids Mattress Topper last week and it fits my Graco pack n play just like you said. I love it and so does my 18 month old. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

– Mary, Wisconsin

My baby is loving her new Mattress Topper. It fits perfectly in the pack n play, and is comfy for her to sleep on. A Happy Baby = Happy Mommy. Overall, great product and great customer service. I am really happy with my purchase. Thank you Mamadoo .

– Kathlene, California

Got it yesterday and used it last night in the pack and play for our 5 month old. Very nice product, good padding!

– George, North Carolina

Aloha… I wanted to let you know that our mattress and sheet arrived to my friend’s home on Friday, May 4!!! A pretty amazing turnaround time for parcel post to Hawaii! It was exactly 2 weeks from the time that I ordered! The mattress and crib sheet are GREAT! So glad that it arrived and now our little one can sleep more comfortably! Thank you so much for getting this in the mail so quickly and for your great email communication too! Have a great day!

– Tracey, Hawaii

The playard does seem uncomfortable compared to a mattress…of course, if your baby has been rolling a lot or is very young, keep safety in mind first. For an easy solution, buy an extra mattress for the playard like the MamaDoo Kids Playard mattress Topper , which has the added benefit of being foldable… Full review

– Katie,, California

We LOVE this mattress topper! Our son slept so well in his pack n play when we were using it in the spare bedroom when we made some changes to his room. I wish I would have known about it 15 months ago when he was born! I would like to suggest a nylon zip up case for airplane travel. I think it will fit in a suitcase just fine but a zip up case to protect it in baggage would be fabulous! Thanks MamaDoo!

– Tonya, Iowa

Rave for MamaDoo kids play yard mattress OMG… she has been sleeping in the pack n play for 2.5 hours. I don’t know if it is luck or the mattress but she never slept like this in there before. The thing is cool cause it folds in three and you can use it as a nap mat and travel with it easily. Have a feeling that we are going to get a lot of use out of it. Full review

– Knittygrl,, New Jersey

Planning on doing some traveling for the holidays? Then you might want to check out MamaDoo Kids. They have the only foldable mattress topper in the US, which is perfect for keeping your kids nice and comfortable no matter where they are! I received my own MamaDoo Kids blue mattress topper and think it is great! The soft, cushy mattress topper fits perfectly in our playard for some peaceful sleeping and lots of playing! The topper is made with high-density, durable foam which I think feels really comfortable. It has the perfect amount of give and is not hard or too soft. Just like Goldilocks, I’m sure if my baby could talk she would say “It’s just right!” Full review

– Kristin,, New Mexico

I looked around for a while trying to find a nice mattress topper made for a pack ‘n play, and I was so excited when I finally found the one I had been dreaming of! MamaDoo Kids mattress toppers were the only ones I could find that would fit snugly in a standard-sized pack ‘n play without gaps at the sides. When ours arrived, I was happy by how thick and comfortable the foam seemed… Full review

– Blair, Arizona

Hi Mamadoo team! Just wanted you to know my grandson slept great Saturday night on his new topper. It is the best thing I’ve seen for that purpose. Thanks for the speedy delivery as well! It got here as planned- on Friday just in time to air out and be ready for our sleepover on Saturday. I’m proud of your fine inventive and practical American company and don’t mind saying so! Many thanks!

– Karen, Oklahoma

Thank you, thank you for making this product…my 14 month old only woke up once last night, and that was because she was in our room! She sleeps 11 hours straight in her crib at home, but traveling had become a nightmare as none of us got any rest. The last time we used the pack n play (without your product) she was up every hour, all night! Your mattress is lightweight and fits our Graco perfectly – no gaps. Our Carters pack n play sheet fits it too! I look forward to many uses of my Mattress Topper. I’ve already told my mommy friends to check out your website! [p.s. – received my order within 48 hours. Amazingly fast!] Had to write again. We have used the MamaDoo Kids mattress 10 times since the first time as a nap pad on the living room floor. I babysit for a boy who would only sleep an hour in the pack n play before, and now he sleeps 2 hours +. My daughter loves playing on it and sitting on it when it’s folded up too – it’s the right height for a toddler bench. SO glad I purchased, and I will continue to recommend. :)

– Jennifer, California

I wanted to let you know that our mattress arrived yesterday and we made up my sons pack n play and it is GREAT! He loves it and had a great nights sleep last night! I will be anxiously awaiting the sheets from your company! Thank you and I just passed on this info to my friend who came over and didn’t even realize they made mattresses for pack n plays let alone your nice one!

– Caren, Massachusetts

I am so glad I found the mattress topper for our Arms Reach Co-Sleeper. It makes sleeping in it so much more comfortable for our 4-month old son. I wish I knew about the mattress topper sooner, so we may have avoided some sleeping problems in the early months. I will definitely tell other parents about it, I am sure they will be equally thrilled as we are.

– Ilse, New Jersey

Mama done good! When mama do what mama does the babies smile because because!

– Justin, Louisiana

This mattress topper has made our vacations fun again. Thank you MamaDoo Kids for letting us get some sleep!

– Diane, Texas

I used the Play Yard Mattress Topper last weekend and it worked perfectly! It fit great in my Chicco play yard and my kiddo slept soundly.

– Drake, Oklahoma

I am so glad I bought this mattress topper, and I wish I knew about it earlier. My son is 16-months old, and he had a hard time falling asleep in the playyard. When we traveled, we had to carry him to sleep. With this topper, he was able to fall asleep on his own consistently, and he stayed asleep all night! It is comfortable and portable.

– Kasey, California

My son is a good sleeper at home, but when we travel, sleeping in the pack-n-play was always a problem. He would toss and turn and wake up several times throughout the night until we would put him in our bed. Sleepless parents do not make good playmates on vacation. As I was complaining to a friend before an overnight trip, she gave me this mattress topper to put on top of the pack-n-play mattress. It worked so well. It was easy to carry and super easy to install. My son slept through the entire night without a sound. He was “comfy” and we all got a good night’s rest. I am so happy to hear that this product is now available for sale. I highly recommend it and am definitely going to include it as a standard in any baby shower gifts I buy in the future.

– Irene, California

The mattress topper has truly been wonderful for us. It's amazing, and hopefully it will be sold in stores in the future.

– Anna, Iowa

My daughter loves it. The mattress topper is very versatile. We've used it in the pack n play, on the floor and as a mini couch on floor. The color is beautiful. The fabric is nice and firmness is perfect.

– Marya, Pennsylvania

MamaDoo Kids, I received my smart play yard mattress topper today!! This is amazing!! Thank u so much!! I absolutely love my Smart Play Yard Mattress Topper!! Is so comfy my 3yo loves to sleep on it! I will definitely b buying a few as baby shower gifts! I feel so much better with this in the pack and play for my 2 month old!! And is light and fold up for convenience. Thank u so much!!

– Rochelle, Ohio

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