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Big Kid Sleep Mat

Made in USA Built to Last

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A mother is trying to get her son to eat carrots. “Carrots are good for your eyes.” “How do you know?” “Have you ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses?”


  • Feel confident taking it everywhere.  It doesn´t look like a mattress so show it off!
  • Provides real comfort unlike other naps mats, which are basically a sleeping bag
  • Versatile: multipurpose and in three cute colors
  • High-density and high resiliency mattress. It doesn´t lose its shape or suffer indentations
  • Perfect for daycare, hotels, grandparents’ and babysitters' house, camping, sleep-overs, parks and more.


  • Fold it up and pack it with blankets and all in the included Travel Bag. Includes a separate carrying handle
  • Washes by simply unzipping the cotton cover
  • Safe for child & home, free of toxic chemicals & flame retardants, exceeds all US safety standards
  • Tight and strong hinge connectors that keep the Mattress from separating while in use

4+ Smart Uses

  • On the floor as a bed, on a kid-size Travel Cot, TV floor pad, play mat, even as a bench when folded

Compatible With

  • Standard crib sheets fit perfectly


  • 50 x 26 x 1.5 inches (open position)

Our Cause: Mental Health

With NAMI there's hope! Many families get help with mental health issues, like with post-partum depression or post-partum psychosis, with NAMI: a wonderful organization that offers program for free all over the country.

By buying MamaDoo Kids products you are helping NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the largest organization that educates, supports, and advocates for families  dealing with a mental illness like depression, an anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, ADHD, OCD, etc.

NAMI offers many programs: all for free. One of them is NAMI Basics: a program for parents of children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral difficulties or a mental illness.

Thank you for supporting NAMI  :)










Our MamaDoo® Kids Big Kid Sleep Mat

As our kids grew, the play yard became too small for them to lay in and we needed something when we traveled to Grandma’s house, or for sleepovers when we needed more beds…

When we searched online we found a lot of these kid couches that folded open into a bed… but most of these were too soft and also too bulky to travel with and they were also filled with popular cartoon characters or action figures and we just wanted something simple. We also found nap mats which are no more than a sleeping bag that provide no support or comfort… so then we thought, why not just expand on our original idea of the Smart Play Yard Mattress Topper?... and the Big Kid Sleep Mat was born.

Just like the first time, we wanted it to fold in such a way that the colorful side of the Mattress faced outwards when in the folded position.  So we experimented with a number of connecting hinge ideas before deciding on the ones we have now, which also keep the 4 panels close together and thus not separating while in use.

And as always high quality non-toxic components was a must, as was continuing to proudly manufacture in California, USA.

We are very proud of our MamaDoo Kids Big Kid Sleep Mat and believe that you and your child will be very happy with yours!