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Aubrey Hanging Out!
Megan, North Carolina
She Absolutely Loves It!
Berenice, New York
Kareem Passed Out After A Party!
Patricia, Pennsylvania
Judah Chillaxin'!
Kat, Pennsylvania
Maci tuckered out after 1st day camping!
Jessica, Michigan
Maci is Gavin, Maci's twin brother!
Jessica, Michigan
Amelia Grace Having Fun!
Tracey, Hawaii
Kyla napping, she loves it!
David Couldn't Be Happier!
Irene, California
Front-seat diaper change!
Sarah, Ohio
Me and my giraffe are soooo...

Milo, California
She just wants to rub her
MamaDoo and fall asleep!

Kristen, Washington
Big brother has claimed it as his “new toy”,
like a tumbling pad.

Rebecca, Virginia
He has made up some pretty creative uses
for it, like a this security gate.

Rebecca, Virginia

Child Sleep Tips When Away From Home

Many parents shudder at the idea of their baby or toddler’s sleep habits getting turned upside down when going away from home... no worries…Here are some awesome tips!

If naptime or bedtime or both get disrupted when visiting family or friends, traveling, or going to a midday event or late night dinner try this:

1. Keep it dark! Babies and toddlers sense light through their eye lids and awake with the sun every day, no matter what time they went to bed the night before. A black out shade, a dark beach towel, tin foil or a blanket over the windows can work wonders. It might not look pretty, but after everyone has slept through the night it might just look ‘beautiful’ in the morning!

2. Keep it familiar! Bring some familiar things from your child’s home environment like a book, a lovey, a favorite blankie or song to help comfort your child during the sleep transitions. And try to use the same routine you normally use at home.

3. Keep it quiet! A white noise machine, the bathroom fan, or some good old fashioned radio static will block out any unwanted noises: dogs barking, gardeners working, pool side laughter, hotel guests in the hallway…

4. Keep the perfect temperature! The best temperature range for sleep is 68-72 degrees. If you have air conditioning, dress your baby or toddler warmer. If needed use a lightweight sack, a long sleeved onesie, socks, etc.

5. Keep it active! Children need sleep in order to store the information they learned during the waking hours, so keep your child stimulated: go outside, take walks, go to the beach or to the park and let him crawl, walk or run all he wants. But be careful to not over stimulating him with too many people.

Avoiding sleeping problems is essential in having a relaxing and fun vacation! Following these simple tips will make all the difference.

Traveling by air? We have 10 ½ great tips!

1) Take your baby´s Birth Certificate if he/she is younger than 2 years old.

2) Read the FAQs about flying with infants on the airline website. Check to see if they have bassinets.

3) TSA lets taking formula at the time of writing this but read about it on their website.

4) Ask to board first so it is easier to deal with the diaper bag and other items.

5) If you take the car seat to the gate and are lucky and there is an extra seat next to you, then you can take it on board with you and baby can sit in it.

6) Take your stroller to the gate and gate check it. You don't need a bag for the stroller if you are gate checking.

7) Airlines are not responsible for a stroller or a car seat if it is damaged. If you check them in at the counter (also they can also get smudges that never wash out), to protect them, you could buy a travel bag for them or if you don´t have time to buy one put them in bubble wrap and then in an industrial size clear (plastic). They sell big clear bags at Home Depot. Some airlines provide clear plastic bags so call the airline to ask first.

8) Try to get a window and an isle seat in hopes that someone won't sit in the middle.

9) Just remember a pacifier, bottle or breast for take off and landing.

10) Take a couple of brand new toys for entertainment.

And last but not least!:

10 ½) Candy or chocolate candy to give people around you in case your baby is too fussy!